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DCS Open Beta


A new open beta of DCS is now available with the following features:

DCS World

  • Updated Chinese localization (fixed crash on file dialog window opening)
  • MP. Dedicated Server. Static aircraft elevated from the ground - fixed
  • MP. Dedicated Server. Memory leak using stennis - fixed
  • MP. Dedicated Server. AAA and SAM will not engage targets until they have passed overhead - fixed
  • ME. Fixed a bug leading to unauthorized switching of a player's aircraft to AI
  • Sound Options. Add "Play Audio While Minimized" option
  • AI CH-47 not land in user mission - fixed
  • HOLD not working at waypoint zero for units - fixed.
  • Input. Clear combination action raised error for axes in Foldable view - fixed
  • Chat and BDA panel configs moved to the user's folder for preventing crash in LUA script
  • Someone logged into your account on a different machine.


The open beta also includes fixes and upgrades to various DCS aircraftand campaigns.



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