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DC3 Airways Announces Annual World Rally Plans


The year 2020 is proving to be an historic one for reasons both badand good. We all know the bad ones, so here is some of the goodnews.

For the 20th consecutive year DC3 Airways (http://www.dc3airways.net) isproud to present its annual World Rally. The Rally is a special eventchallenging even the most dedicated flight simulation pilots. Not onlydoes it require the usual skills of flying and navigation, but like aroad rally, The World Rally flights have specific timed check pointsamong other features to make what might be an ordinary flight from Ato B something more memorable.

This year's WORLD RALLY begins on Saturday October 3 and willcontinue for ten separate flight routes taking pilots all across theGlobe.

The World Rally Pages are operational, including a forum forcomment and discussion. Actual flight plans will be posted onSeptember 26.

While the rally will be challenging for the experienced pilot,those with lesser skills are also eligible to sign up. In this case,while your scores might not be all that competitive, you will have theopportunity to join an endeavor that brings scores of simulationenthusiasts together. In other words, the idea is to have fun as youlearn beyond the basics and perhaps sharpen your skills in thebargain.

The DCA World Rally, as might be expected, requires pilots to flythe venerable DC3 aircraft. There are many freeware as well as paywareversions available. Some are almost cockpit ready, while others mighthave a steeper learning curve, just as real world DC3 pilots face.

So strap on your seat belt and check out the 2020 20th Annual DCAWorld Rally. For information go to:


Sherman Kaplan
Director Public Relations
DC3 Airways

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