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DC Scenery Design - KCUT - Custer County South Dakota


Custer County Airport is in the middle of the Black Hills whichmakes it interesting due to the mountains and landmarks like MountRushmore, Crazy Horse and "The Flintstones" Bedrock City.

The airport is at an altitude of 5602 feet, so check theperformance of your aircraft before taking off as the runway is only5500 feet long.

The entire surroundings of the airport were modeled including theGun Store, shooting range, the Linde Sawmill, the church and severalother buildings as in real life.



Scenery Features

  • High detailed ground textures
  • High detailed hangars, airport buildings and objects
  • PBR textures
  • Accurate taxiway, runway and apron
  • Custom night lighting
  • High level of airport detail



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