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DC Designs News Update


The F-15 updates are complete now, all except one tiny but hugelyfrustrating bug causing the nose wheel animation to “skipâ€. Despitebest efforts, the solution to this has not been found, and it mightpossibly be a bug in the SDK that is causing it (likely only forusers of Blender). This has not been confirmed as I write this, butin the absence of any other logical cause, it must be something withincode somewhere over which I have no control, as there are aircraftproduced with 3DS Max with oleo-wheel arrangements that don’t sufferthe same issue.

As a result of this, the F-15 update will appear next week insteadas I’m hoping to find a way around the bug, possibly by writing my ownLvar for the nosewheel. That does however cause issues later down theline with any features in MSFS that are tied to the nosewheeltemplate, so I’d like to wait and see if Asobo can root out the causeof the issue or I can solve it myself.


With the F-15 updates otherwise complete, work continues on theStearman to prepare it for launch. The flight model and engine filesare complete, so it’s now down to finer-detail modelling and texturingwork, as well as adding new colour schemes. Custom sound is underwayover at Sim Acoustics, who have recorded true live sound from PT-17Stearman PH-TOX, so everything from the engine to the primer leverwill sound as it does on the real aircraft.

The F-14 Tomcats are also of course being worked upon, although ata slower pace while the F-15s were being updated. From next week itwill be full-steam ahead on both projects as they head toward theirrespective launch dates.

Finally, there is a single extra image in the screenshots for todayand no, it’s not a quick port but a shot of the properly convertedaircraft taken during a brief test flight two evenings ago to assesshow well the process is working. The assessment was that there will bea genuine major re-build of the aircraft to bring it up to MSFSstandard, so it’s going to be almost as big a project as the originalwas. Work will start after the Tomcats are released, probablytherefore somewhere in June / early July.


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