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DC Designs F-14 A/B Tomcat Released


F-14 A/B Tomcat Cleared For Launch!

DC Designs' new F-14 A/B Tomcat package for Microsoft FlightSimulator is now on sale, bringing you highly detailed and VR-ready Aand B models in a total of seven paint schemes, with front and rearcockpit positions, authentic cockpit night lighting, custom sound setsfor both variants and custom-coded manoeuvring flaps, slats and intakeramps.

Among the other features are F-14 Tomcat systems which includeDirect Lift Control, CADC and basic ACLS, Head-Up Display, reflectiveglass, icing and rain effects, numerous accurate animations anduser-controlled ordnance via the Payload Manager.

These aircraft have been coded with MSFS native 'Model Behaviors'animations and are built to MSFS operational specifications to preventissues with future simulator upgrades.


Note: DC Designs' F-14 Tomcat is designed to provide a top-qualityaircraft that is extremely detailed, yet less demanding to fly thantoday's most complex procedural simulators. Equipped with all requiredavionics, and with custom-coded animations and systems, the DC DesignsF-14 Tomcat is designed to be accessible to all users without the needfor intense study.

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