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DC Designs Concorde Update


Big decisions have been made during this week’s work on Concorde,mainly concerning the flight deck.

In the FSX and Prepar3D version, I made a lot of modellingsacrifices in order to to maintain performance on older PCs that mightnot otherwise have been able to handle an aircraft with such a complexflight deck as Concorde’s. With MSFS, and especially with the recentperformance updates, this is no longer an issue and as a result thevast majority of the entire cockpit is now being re-modelled as wellas re-textured, to take advantage of the capabilities of the newsimulator.

This means that considerable work will be carried out throughout interms of detail – instruments that were simplified before can bepresented in their full detail; screws, switches, cabling and otherdetails that were omitted can be built in, and of course the wholecockpit can now benefit from the use of full PBR materials which makesall the difference when it comes to realistic finishes.


Although I’d already decided to build more detail into the cockpit,the extra work I intend to carry out will push the release date backslightly as it’s a lot more work to take on, but this is Concorde andI know folks will want it to be as complete as possible. Theengineer’s station will feature a lot more detail than before in termsof functional systems and visual detail (as if it wasn’t complexenough already) and of course the cabin area will also be upgradedwith higher detail modelling and texturing.

A few images attached – the one that will probably cause the mostexcitement is the cockpit. This is VERY early Work in Progress, but itshows the flight deck in place and ready for the upgrade modelling tobegin over the course of the coming month or more. I will post moredetail shots as things develop, so this image should be consideredvery much the starting point.


Around the external model, detail is gradually being added to theengine areas (which have been entirely re-textured to 4K) as well asmore research being done to add relevant details such as stencils,ground re-fuelling system, loading areas and so on.

Finally, the P-61B has also had its textures re-mapped to 4K alongwith normal maps, and had a brief outing testing some of the newwork. Work continues there in my ‘spare’ time with steady progressbeing made.


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