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DC Designs Concorde For MSFS Dev Update


Here's the first Development Update of the year direct from ourdeveloper DC Designs. Please note all shots shown are WIP.

Concorde's flight deck is now starting to come alive as morefunctionality is added. All switches, knobs and buttons are now activewith coding being created to cover the huge array of functions forthis complex airplane. The engineer's station is now also fullyanimated. Textures are being applied and soon coding will begin on thehuge number of annunciator lights and other instruments, often uniqueto Concorde.



Work has also been on-going with Concorde's flight model, whichalso requires many unique characteristics including supercruise. Themodel is nearing the flight-testing phase. While it already can fly inthe simulator and reach Mach 2, it does not yet do so in the correctway. Step climbs, centre-of-gravity balancing via fuel transfer,thrust and drag curves and a host of other features are being workedupon to ensure that Concorde flies as she did in real life. Theexterior model will receive further enhancements including weathering,improved PBR and continued modeling detail work as the projectprogresses.


Hope you enjoy these latest screen shots.


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