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DC Designs Announces Eurofighter Typhoon


I’m extremely excited to reveal that for some months now I havebeen working with a brand-new developer on a new aircraft forMicrosoft Flight Simulator, which will be released in October 2022 forPC and Xbox. The developer is CJ Simulations, and is owned by noneother than my chief coder and flight model expert, CodenameJack.

The aircraft is the CJ Simulations Eurofighter Typhoon. This is ahighly detailed rendition of the aircraft with fully operationalcockpit modelled and coded as close as possible to the real airplane,custom delta-canard flight model, multiple liveries and all associatedspecial effects. Jack has been hard at work making sure visualdisplays match as close as can be to the real aircraft, based on theavailable data.

I’ll let the images and video link speak for themselves. TheTyphoon is a much-loved modern fighter jet that has not yet been donejustice in MSFS, and as a result it was a project we settled on backin Spring 2022. There are plans for more aircraft by CJ Simulations inthe future, but for now sit back and enjoy the pre-release images andvideo.

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