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Coming Soon For MSFS: FS Academy - IFR


Following in the footsteps of the popular On Instruments missionpacks for FSX + P3D, instrument flight training missions return,better than ever, with FS Academy - IFR for Microsoft FlightSimulator.

Totally overhauled and expanded, IFR is a complete study-levelpackage to take your skills to the next level. Produced by a realairline captain, IFR gives you the knowledge and skills to fly likethe professionals to get you home on those dark and rainy nights.


Mirroring a real Instrument Rating course, IFR is an authentictraining experience applicable to everything from a Cessna to a 747,covering both analog 'steam' gauges and modern glass cockpits.

Use real techniques and Jeppesen charts to fly complex true to lifeprocedures with your instructor guiding you every step of the waythrough a series of authentic missions covering all you need to know,including:

  • ILS Approaches
  • VOR + NDB Approaches
  • IFR Navigation
  • Partial Panel IFR
  • Compass Turns
  • Holding Patterns
  • Circling Approaches
  • Instrument Departures

...and much more.

Accompanied by a comprehensive ground school manual, begin with thebasics of IFR flight before moving through the course and taking yourvirtual Instrument Rating check ride.

A crucial skill for any professional pilot, it's time to up yourgame with FS Academy - IFR.

Out Now For MSFS: FS Academy - Voyager
FS Academy - Air Race for FSX

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