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CentralSim Previews Jorge Newbery Airfield


Development update: photorealistic with authentic autogenfinished. Now we focus on the airfield and adjacent buildings at SABEJorge Newbery - Aeroparque P3D for v4/v5.

It will have:

  • Photoreal and autogen
  • Updated and detailed terminal
  • PBR textures
  • Dynamic lights
  • Compatible with ORBX - VECTOR - OLC South America
  • GA Hangars
  • SODE Jetways and Objects
  • Some surrounding buildings


Jorge Newbery Airfield is an international airport located inPalermo neighborhood, 2 km northeast of downtown Buenos Aires,Argentina. The airport covers an area of 138 hectares and is operatedby Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 S.A.A It is located in the Palermo ward,along the Ryo de la Plata, and serves as the main hub for domesticflights in Argentina. Since March 2019, the only international flightsit serves are to Uruguay.

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