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Captain Sim 767 Captain II Update


The 767 Captain II free update to Version 0.95 is available.

767 Change Log Version 0.95

New features:

  • Wireless CDU support.
  • CRT displays refresh rate easy setup via ACE.


  • FMC 250/10000 speed restriction during cruise phase.
  • AUTOPILOT annunciation with light, EICAS message and master caution whilst landing in MCP APP mode with the autopilot disconnected.
  • The speed tape flaps 1 flap bug settings.
  • The yellow maximum maneuvering speed tape should not pass current air speed in the initial climbout.
  • GROSS WT and SPEED display on INIT REF and APPROACH REF pages.
  • FMC random payload.
  • The inboard ailerons retract to 5 at all flap settings between 25 and 30.
  • Pump C2 supposed to stay off during the first engine start.
  • Slats position animation improved.
  • Taxi/landing lights intensity reduced.
  • Daytime red/green navlights improved.
  • Homepit EICAS refreshing issue.
  • Extra conditions for spoilers 4,5,8,9 added.
  • Reverse Thrust defaul P3D axis mapping.


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