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Canadian Xpress January 2021 Monthly Challenge


Castlegar is located within the Selkirk Mountains at the confluenceof the Kootenay and Columbia Rivers. It is a regional trade andtransportation center with a local economy fueled by forestry, mining,and tourism. Castlegar was recently cited as one of the Top 8 Placesin British Columbia for most promising growth. It is home to SelkirkCollege, a regional airport, a pulp mill, and several sawmills. Thepopulation of 7,259 people includes many Doukhobors, who were largelyresponsible for much of Castlegar's early development and growth.

Your mission is to fly from Hope (CYHE) to Castlegar (CYCG) withany Canadian Xpress® freeware or payware propellor equippedpiston or turboprop that you have the rank to fly and is rated foroperation at the event airports.

Join Canadian Xpress today in order to participate as there aresome great prizes to be won including:

  • Aerosoft Products
  • Bonus Flight Hours
  • Canadian Xpress Monthly Challenge Award

The January 2021 Monthly Challenge is open to all CanadianXpress® pilots from January 1st until January 29th, 2021.

Canadian Xpress Virtual Airline
"Fly Virtually Anywhere!™"

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