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BushtalkRadio / BushtalkClient For MSFS 2020


Have you given up on your travel plans for the foreseeable future?Become a virtual tourist with this free add-on for MSFS2020! Explorethe world while listening to thousands of audio tours from the comfortof your cockpit.

Bushtalk Radio is a community driven project with the aim to fillthe vast world of MSFS with thousands of interesting landmarks andPOIs. Each landmark will have an audio tour will play as you approachit.

We have audio tours for all in-game POIs (including World Updatesfor Japan, USA & UK) as well as thousands of community submittedcontent with more being added every day: mountains, lakes, famousbuildings, volcanoes, historical battles or a random bit local trivia- there's something for everyone.

Users can add custom locations and write their own audiotours. Just write an interesting, witty script and we'll create theaudio tour for you. Not the creative type? Autogenerate one with ourWikipedia Import tool, we won't judge you. We want to introduceplayers to amazing locations around the world. Add them as part ofyour next bush trip or fly aimlessly and stumble into somethingspecial.

Bushtalk Radio client

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