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Burning Blue Designs Releases Farnborough MSFS


Over at Burning Blue Designs we have just released Farnborough forMicrosoft Flight Simulator, it dwarfs both our previous projects, Lyddand Headcorn by a significant margin!

Farnborough Airport has been recreated faithfully over many, manyhundreds of hours by Burning Blue Design's 3D modellers and coders andfeatures:

  • Over 90 custom 3D objects have been created exclusively for Farnborough Airport, each with full Physical Based Rendering (PBR) allowing for far more realistic textures.
  • Over ten thousand carefully placed stock assets across the airport and surrounding area, every fence, parking space, cone, light and tree has been placed in it's correct location bringing life to Farnborough airport and the surrounding area.
  • As with all Burning Blue Design Products new custom working Windsocks have been created and accurately placed around the airport.
  • High resolution colour corrected ground textures have been used as a basis for the airport, these have been taken from Bing maps and heavily manipulated for consistency and realism which far surpasses the quality of the stock Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 ground texture.
  • New taxiways and roads have been created in and around the airport and the runway with it's huge displaced threshold has been faithfully recreated.
  • Full night lighting placed across the airport and surrounding area including individually placed street lights along the surrounding roads.
  • Surrounding landmarks have been created and placed in their correct locations to improve visual navigation and general airport atmosphere, these include:
  • The Wind Tunnel Project.
  • Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre
  • The Aviator Hotel
  • The Gloster E28/39 monument to Sir Frank Whittle.
  • Farnborough Air Sciences Trust Museum (FAST) with it's assortment of display aircraft.
  • Farnborough Airship Hangar Frame.
  • Farnborough Business Park.
  • Eelmoor bridge.
  • The Swan Pub.




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