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Brisbane To Be Next Destination From Orbx Team


Following on from Singapore, Brisbane is the next destination forthe Orbx team, with a release date later this month (MSFS).

Our next destination for the Landmarks takes us back to Australiawith Brisbane, the most populated city and capital of the state ofQueensland. The city was founded upon the traditional lands of theJagera and Turrbal people on the banks of the Brisbane River whichtook it's name from Sir Thomas Brisbane, the governor of New SouthWales at the time.


With its laid-back charm, Brisbane is a cosmopolitan hub for arts,culture and a subtropical alfresco lifestyle. The city sees clear blueskies all year round and is a popular tourist destination offeringmany landmarks and attractions. Our TrueEarth team, led by respectedflight sim developer, Holger Sandmann, have recreated this global citywith carefully selected POIs, custom orthos and terraformingrefinements to capture the feel and vibes of the city.

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