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Black Square Announces Improved MSFS Cockpits


New range from Black Square to improve default MSFS aircraft!

Black Square is proud to announce their upcoming Steam Gauge andSystems Overhaul series, beginning with the Analog Caravan, and AnalogKing Air. Discover the complexity within light aircraft like you'venever been able to before.

Black Square's Steam Gauge Overhaul Series is a completely new typeof study level product for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Each packageincludes a completely new interior and panel for an already superbMSFS default aircraft exterior model. The new panels feature "steamgauge" (analog) instrumentation and swappable radio configurations,each modeled and coded with extreme attention to detail, and based ona specific piece of equipment from the real world.

The overhauled cockpits go far beyond just a visual upgrade. Eachaircraft also features a completely new, complex, and fully realizedelectrical system made with custom software tools, for which everycircuit breaker can be pulled, and each will have consequences. Inaddition to small aerodynamic improvements, and a custom weatherradar, each aircraft will also feature the first complete simulatorimplementation of a KNS-80 RNAV Navigation Computer to test yourpre-GPS radio navigation skills. If you prefer to fly with moremodern conveniences, you will also be well accommodated with aswappable GTN 750 (PMS50 or TDS GTNxi), and GNS 430/530's.

The Steam Gauge Overhaul aircraft are created by a real pilot andaircraft owner seeking to bring extreme realism to MSFS for those whohistorically enjoy the complexity of airliners, but who have come toappreciate lower altitude flying in MSFS. From the beginning, theaircraft were designed to satisfy serious simmers who expect nearlyevery word of the real aircraft's operating handbook to apply to itssimulation. The aircraft are all well equipped for the most demandingIFR flying, and should provide endless hours of learning,experimentation, and mastery of systems-based aircraft knowledge.

Each aircraft is compatible with all existing livery mods for thedefault aircraft and make use of their excellent 3D sound packages.The original default aircraft will always be available to fly,unaffected by the new aircraft. Installation is simple and seamless,just like any other community mod or product. Shared files arereferenced to the default aircraft on your computer for bestperformance.


  • Completely new interior and panel for the default MSFS aircraft,featuring analog instrumentation (steam gauges), swappable radioconfigurations, and an overhauled electrical system with every circuitbreaker, bus, meter, switch, and knob functioning
  • Custom coded steam gauges with lowpass filtering, needle bounce,and physics to provide ultra-realistic and silky smooth animationslike you’ve never seen before
  • Carefully modeled components match the depth and character of thereal instrumentation, based on reference photos, schematics, and realworld measurements. Unlike other expensive Flight Sim aircraft, everypiece of equipment that appears in a Black Square aircraft is modeledafter a real piece of aircraft equipment, and will behave the same wayin its primary functionality.
  • very knob, switch, and button is interactable, along with itsrespective electrical circuitry. Turn systems on and off or pullcircuit breakers to see the impact it has on your generators andbattery via the analog meters. Automatic load shedding and standbygenerators are also simulated. Many pieces of equipment respondcorrectly to electrical configurations with warning messages anddiagnostic codes.
  • Fully 3D cockpit lighting technology for every gauge and panel,with ambient bounce lighting for a more immersive night-timeexperience that won’t leave you fumbling around in unrealisticallydark spots.
  • Improved turbine dynamics (ITT, TRQ, Ng, Fuel Flow, InertialSeparator), battery charging circuitry, and AC inverters
  • Selective state saving for radio selection, radio frequencymemory, cabin aesthetics, and other settings
  • Engine limit excursions that decrease engine health and willeventually lead to failure
  • Crew/Passenger oxygen system that depletes according to pressurealtitude, passenger occupancy, and the biological demand of eachpassenger based on weight
  • Dozens of checklists with hundreds of items for normal, abnormal,and emergency procedures in textual form, and in-game, using the MSFSnative checklist system with control and instrument highlighting. Ifit's in the checklist, it's settable in the aircraft!

For more information on the capabilities of these products and alist of all included avionics and equipment, see the product pages onthe Just Flight website where the extensive manuals can beviewed/downloaded from too.

Steam Gauge Overhaul - Analog Caravan

Steam Gauge Overhaul - Analog King Air

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