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AuthentiKit Spitfire MkIX Throttle Quadrant Released


The throttle quadrant project was finally concluded on 5th March2021, 85 years to the day since Supermarine Spitfire prototype K5054first took to the skies. Unfortunately I could not quite complete theYouTube video post-processing and upload until the 6th March but Ifeel duty was still done.

This throttle quadrant is the third product in the AuthentiKitrange of freeware hardware flight controls and comes on the heels ofthe elevator trim wheel and spade grip flight stick. So now we areusing 3 of the 10 inputs to the AuthentiKit Universal Hub. Landinggear will be next. Here are the key features of the throttlequadrant.

  • Super sensitive, frictionless and precise hall sensors on throttle lever, mixture and airscrew
  • Authentic scale replica
  • Bomb release button
  • Comes paired with a fully working scale replica of the elevator trim wheel
  • Self build kit – Allow about an hour for assembly
  • Quick release plate and socket. Instantly swap this throttle for a P51, P40B, Fokker P41D or whatever you fancy flying next (these quadrants are on the roadmap for 2021)
  • 3D print the parts or ask someone on our Discord forum for help
  • See download page for all hardware components, assembly instructions and printing advice
  • Kit available from our friends www.simkitsupplies.com
  • Step by step assembly guide on YouTube

AuthentiKit Releases Spitfire MkIX Flight Stick

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