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AuthentiKit Spitfire Chassis Lever Released


AuthentiKit is delighted to announce the release of theSpitfire chassis (or landing gear) lever. It has been a long timecoming as a very functional version was being tested way back in May2021. This control is so much the better though for the time andrefinements that have happened since. Firstly the introduction of ournew hydraulic damping technology has taken the tactile experience to anew level and is of course so very appropriate considering that thewhole undercarriage is powered by hydraulics. Secondly, an almostdisproportionate amount of development time went into the creation ofan accurate hydraulic status indicator.

A Journey Concludes

The first Spitfire flight control, the spade grip flight stick, wasreleased on December 5th, 2020. In many ways this new chassis levercontrol is the final piece of the jigsaw as we now have acomprehensive set of the primary controls for a Spitfire pilot.

  • Spade grip flight stick with working brake lever and dual cannon/machine gun button
  • Throttle quadrant with bomb drop button
  • Elevator trim wheel which can be calibrated for precise synchronisation with your sim
  • Rudder trim wheel
  • Flaps lever
  • Chassis lever

This is not to say that we are at the end of the line for Spitfirecontrols. The Spitfire Mk1A for example has a radiator lever and theUniversal Hub has been designed with an input for this. For theSpitfire MkIX, which has no such lever, this input may get used for afuel selector or coil boost/start buttons. Also, once the UniversalHub is upgraded to version 2 then many other inputs becomepossible.

The Plan For 2022

The plan for 2022 is to mobilise the freeware developer communityby publishing a series of SDKs which will make it very simple to builda wide range of replica controls by reusing the components which havebeen developed so far for levers/switches etc. This should hugelyincrease the rate of development of AuthentiKit controls. Magnetos,radios, multi-position flaps levers, trims of all sorts and many manymore controls are coming your way soon and for a wide range ofaircraft.


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