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AuthentiKit Recommended Selling Price Scheme


The Recommended Selling Price (RSP) scheme represents a huge stepforward for the great many people who do not have 3D printers and maywish to get their hands on some AuthentiKit.

We have established a worldwide network of AuthentiKit communitymembers who have 3D printing capability and have agreed to printAuthentiKit parts for others to an agreed fixed price and qualitystandard. That quality standard includes a warranty.

Everything you need in one box (almost!)

If you love tinkering and building projects then this probablydoesn't interest you but for most people the ideal would be a singlebox with everything in it so you can just sit down and assemble yourthrottle quadrant, trim wheels, flight stick etc. Well we’ve gotpretty close. The process of getting hold of some AuthentiKit is nowas simple as this.

  • Choose the kit you want
  • Follow the link through to SimKitSupplies.com where you can orderthe hardware kit, including the tools you will need, for directdelivery anywhere in the world. This is Box #1
  • The price for the 3D parts kit is shown on the same page alongwith with a request form. Fill that out and you’ll be contacted by aquality checked printer in your local area who will confirm their P&Pterms and answer any questions before you place your order withthem. They will ship the 3D parts to you. This is Box #2

The hardware kit also contains the tools you will need so once youhave both boxes, all you need is a kitchen table and a spare Sundayafternoon. If you’d be happy to assemble an Airfix kit you shouldenjoy these projects too!


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