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AuthentiKit RAF Reflector Gun Sight Mk II


This is a really big milestone for AuthentiKit. This amazing andhighly unique flight control was entirely created by AuthentiKitcommunity member Harry Armstrong using plugins and following thedesign standards of the AuthentiKit SDK.

It is a fully functional replica gun sight used in the Spitfire aswell as the Mosquito Fighter Bomber as well as other WW2 RAFfighters. It allows precise setting of aircraft range and wingspan foraccurate targetting.

Fully Functional Gunsight With Dual Hall Sensors

This flight control is not only an accurate replica of the Mk IIreflector sight but it uses high quality components including hallsensors to achieve smooth and precise control. In fact this aspect ofthe design was the easiest to incorporate as it uses a standard pluginfrom the AuthentiKit SDK. The MagHall 6803F is a very compact unitcomprising a sealed bearing, hall sensor, cube magnet and nitrilebonded cork friction disk with simple crimped wire attachment.

Easy Self Assembly

The gunsight is easy and quick to assemble from 3D printed partsavailable as free download fromdownload.authentikit.org.In addition to the two maghall units there are only ten other partswhich simply need screwing together with a phillips headscrewdriver.

AuthentiKit Universal Hub Compatible

If you have built any other AuthentiKit controls you will alreadyhave the Universal Hub and in order to use this gunsight you will needno additional USB cables or even circuitry. Just plug it into socketH8 of the hub.

AuthentiKit Flight Simulation Controls - Summer Update 2022 Video

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