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Announcing TPC Flight School


The Pilot Club is excited to announce the official launch ofTPC Flight School - a VATSIM Authorized Training Organization(ATO). TPC Flight School is a FREE online training program designed tohelp you master your skills as a flightsim pilot!

TPC Flight School is authorized to award VATSIM P-ratings tostudents who complete our courses and pass their checkride. You arewelcome to join and attend courses on flightsim topics, such asaviation foundation, VATSIM ATC communication, and aircraftoperation.

We have active, qualified instructors, some being real world CFIsand airline transport pilots. You are in good hands! Our goal is tohelp you obtain a P-rating and to become a more knowledgeablepilot. We utilize live practice flights with instructors to ensure youare ready and prepared for your checkride!

On initial rollout we offer PPL (P1) course, which containslessons, videos, and quizzes, to ensure active learning throughout thecourse.

We believe in live 1-on-1 training, that’s why we utilize livepractice flights with an instructor, so that you know you’ll be readyfor your checkride.

Our Flight School is FREE to TPC members!

For more information visithttps://www.thepilotclub.org/and click on Pilot Training.

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