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Announcing The Pilot Club


Hello, fellow flightsimmers! I am very excited to share with youone of the fastest growing communities in flight simulation. Foundedin April 2021, The Pilot Club is a free flightsim community with over750 flightsim aviators of all skill levels, as well as real-worldpilots, and air traffic controllers.

The Pilot Club is for those who are passionate about aviation. Ourprimary goal is to provide a supportive environment for flightsimenthusiasts to thrive, fly, connect, and make new friends. To achievethat, we conduct scheduled group flights, which are listed in ourDispatch on the web site and in Discord server. If you like to flyairliners or bizjets - we have flights for you! Like to explore flyingGA VFR? We got you covered! Some of our flights are hybrid, allowingboth airliners and GA to fly into a designated facility. We also havea monthly World Tour flights, Challenge flights, Explorer seriesflights, and more, giving you more things to try, learn, andexperience!

Being an official VATSIM partner allows us to coordinate ATCcoverage for our group flights and host co-op events with variousfacilities, adding to the realism and enjoyment of flight simulation.

Big part of flight simulation is training. Our Training Programprovides necessary training for folks of all skill levels on topicssuch as VATSIM, aircraft operation, flight planning, aviation weather,charts, and more. In 2022, we anticipate being approved as an ATO(Authorized Training Organization) with VATSIM. Being an ATO willallow us to conduct training and give out P-ratings right within theClub environment. Learning never stops, and we are excited about beingable to train sim pilots in the Club.

For those looking for more structure and a purpose for yourflights, we recently launched a virtual airline called TPCCharters. The VA utilizes OnAir platform, providing a realisticexperience for pilots flying for a small airline. If you areinterested in having assigned flight jobs, want a bit more structureand being part of VA - TPC Charters is the place for you! Withfriendly and attentive management team, you will feel like you belongand have a purpose for your flights, while being a part of somethingspecial!

When not flying, our members connect on Discord to shareexperiences, discuss flightsim topics, and participate in Club'ssocial events such as Townhalls, Giveaways, and Trivia Nights. At TPC- we have something for everybody.

Our friendly and supportive staff focuses on providing a small-clubfeel, where everyone feels welcome. We answer questions aboutflightsim and aviation, troubleshoot issues, and generally try to helpfolks enjoy the flightsim hobby. We are a very diverse group withoutstrict membership requirements. Additionally, you can fly our groupflights on any simulator. We are all-inclusive, friendly, and caring -that's what attracts flightsim enthusiasts to the Club. We arebuilding a special place together.

If you are looking to be a part of a fastest growing flightsimcommunity, join us and Let's Fly!


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