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Announcing Premier Virtual Airlines


After an extensive BETA period and soft launch with our currentmembers, Premier Virtual Airlines is proud to announce the grandopening of our new site and is currently looking for new members tojoin the ranks.

About Premier Virtual Airlines

Launched in early 2010 as Phoenix Virtual Airways by a group ofenthusiasts that were tired of the drama at their past VA’s, PVAquickly grew with a strong membership and diverse schedule. PhoenixVirtual Airways at its peak had over 500 real-world airlines withtheir respective fleets and routes in the schedules. As time moved onand some of PVA founders retired, Dustin Abell began working on a newsite and rebranding for the airline. Built off of that initialbackbone, comes Premier Virtual Airlines.

Premier Virtual Airlines is a lot more than just a newwebsite. We’ve taken an entirely new approach to FlightSimulation. Partnering with Flight Aware, PVA has access to real-timeschedules and not just for the major players, we’re talking aboutprivate charters, general aviation and much more. Integrated dispatchabilities from SimBrief provide all the details a pilot would wantwhen planning their flight. All of that is integrated into our customPremCARS flight tracking software that is designed by Premier VirtualAirlines’ founder, Dustin Abell.

Premier Virtual Airlines works off of Premium and Non-Premiummemberships. Premium membership costs $10 USD a month via a PayPalpayment and provides the following:

  • Schedules that are up to date with flights being added daily
  • Live city-pair searches
  • Custom IFR charters (Create your own IFR flight)
  • VFR flying
  • 10% bonus hours for every PIREP filed

Non-premium members still have access to a massive schedule setthat is built from previous Premium schedule sets and are typicallyone or two seasons out of date. All members signing up for PremierVirtual Airlines have a free 10-day trial of the Premiummembership.

Whether you’re looking to fly trans-continental in the Queen of theSkies, shuttle the elite in business jets, or take it low and slow,Premier Virtual Airlines has something for everybody. Premier Virtualalso has a monthly Airport of the Month, a full set of Missions andother events.

PVA currently supports MSFS 2020 (PC version only), Lockheed MartinPrepar3d (v1-v5), Microsoft Flight Simulator X and X-Plane 11.

You can join Premier Virtual Airlines atwww.premiervirtual.organd find us on the following social media outlets:

Facebook: PremierVirtualAirlines
Instagram: Premier_Virtual_Airlines
Twitter: Premier_Airways

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