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Announcing Neon Wings: Air Race


About The Game

Elevate your gaming experience: with the freedom of flying, you cannavigate through vivid levels and feel like you are in an airborneMario Kart in the 80s (but better). Buy and customize your ships, pimpyour hangar, learn how to use 7 different skills to get revenge onyour friends or best the computer: in Neon Wings, you can play with upto 6 people, either LAN or online. Take your racing up to the sky andfly free!

One note: if you would like to try the multiplayer with friends whodon't have the full version, try it with the demo before activating asteam key. Unfortunately Steam doesn't support multiplayer between thedemo and the full version of games and therefore those who downloadedthe demo can play only with other demo owners. The same for the fullversion: they can only play with other full version owners. And youcan't install the demo after activating the steam key. I was verydisappointed when I discovered this but probably not many other gameswant this feature so it's simply not implemented in the Steam API.

4 Race Modes (Available Both In Single-And Multiplayer)

  • Standard Race: All 7 skills are available. You win by crossing the finish line first.
  • Elimination: All players have increased health, but only one life. The last one standing wins the race, or if there are multiple survivors, the first to finish is the champion. You only have Shield and Homing Missile skills.
  • Knockout: Similar to the Standard Race, but in every lap, the Player/AI on the last place last gets eliminated (coming to multiplayer with the next patch).
  • Rush: Every power-up transform into a nitro in this mode. Win by being the fastest!

Skills (That Help You As Well As Soak Other Players)

  • Nitro: The ship gets faster for a certain amount of time
  • Portal: Players can shoot a teleport missile to the next checkpoint that teleports them (and anyone nearby) to the following mark
  • Money Bag: Shoots a golden missile that spawns credits on the track (not available in multiplayer)
  • Homing Missile: Shoots a missile that automatically targets an enemy or a mine
  • Mine: Places three mines on the track behind the Player. These can damage other Players or deflect Homing Missiles.
  • Shield: Prevents damage when colliding with walls, missiles, or mines.
  • Repair: Repairs the ship to full health

Neon Wings on Steam
Neon Wings web site

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