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Announcing LukeAirTool For MSFS 2020


LukeAirTool adds real cabin announcements to your flights fromeasyJet to Etihad, a free passenger simulator and more to enhance yoursim experience!


  • Cabin crew and passenger simulator
  • Pushback assistance
  • Airport charts
  • Collect score for your flights
  • Share and receive custom audio announcements
  • Share and receive seat layouts
  • Pilot pre-recorded announcements
  • Layout designer for your seatplans
  • PM System
  • Chat System (chat while flying)
  • Workshop (Download extras)
  • Over the air audio control (Beta and Donators only)


Coming Soon

  • Career Mode
  • Create and run your own virtual company
  • Work for a virtual company
  • Create your own routes for your company
  • Passenger Mood system
  • Economy system that is effected by real players
  • Voice Control
  • Buy/Sell stock
  • Cargo system, moving cargo around the world for profit



Download from FlightSim.Com file library

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