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AivlaSoft EFB Pre-Release For MSFS


The Electronic Flight Bag v2 (EFB v2) from AivlaSoft helps an aircrew to perform all tasks more simply and efficiently, but moreimportant: paperless. It provides access to necessary informationmuch quicker, which greatly reduces the Pilot's workload.

It includes approach charts, flight planning and performance,vertical guidance, detailed ground charts, departure charts, interfaceto TOPCAT application, weather information, checklists, etc.

An X-Plane version released in early 2019 and now a version forthe new Microsoft Flight Simulator is under development. A pre-releaseEBF2 build #120 is now available to cusomters with compatiblity toMSFS 2020 v1.9.3, though not all features are yet working.

AivlaSoft Web Site
AivlaSoft Electronic Flight Bag Released for X-Plane

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