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AG Sim - Bad Ragaz Airfield LSZE for MSFS 2020


Bad Ragaz Airfield is located right in the middle of the Alps andin the Canton of St. Gallen. This cute airfield is near to theFreudenberg Castle Ruins and has a lot of perfect landscapes. You willenjoy our special surrounding models and MSFS' brilliant graphics alot. We worked hard to give you the best flying experience and wecreated all of our models with PBR texturing technology. Also, weadded special night lightning and Castle Ruins of Freudenbergitself. We are proud to present this airfield to you.

What to expect from AG Sim - Bad Ragaz Airfield?

  • 3D buildings created with details
  • 8K and PBR textures
  • Ground texture renewed
  • Vegetation arrangement
  • Gliders, glider trailers and static aircraft
  • Accurate slope
  • Surrounding models
  • Fair price for everyone

Purchase AG Sim - Bad Ragaz Airfield LSZE for MSFS 2020
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