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Aerosoft Tool Simple Traffic for MSFS


Aerosoft Tool Simple Traffic has only one goal: toreplace the default fictional liveries of the simulator with existingliveries. So, you see a lot of Delta aircraft at Atlanta, KLM atSchiphol, and Air France around Paris.

It is a DLC for Microsoft Flight Simulator featuring real-worldairline liveries and offline traffic routes and schedules. In OnlineAI mode, real-world liveries are selected according to the livetraffic data feed within the sim. In Offline AI mode, liveries areselected according to the offline traffic routes and schedulesincluded with Simple Traffic.


Simple Traffic includes liveries for over 175 real-world airlines,and new airline liveries are being added all the time. Offline AItraffic routes and schedules are derived from over 30 million recordsof real-world ADS-B flight data enabling pre-Covid airline trafficlevels globally within the sim.

Simple Traffic applies liveries to the native MSFS twin andfour-engine jet, and regional-jet default AI models, which areoptimized to minimize the impact on FPS. While primarily a stand-aloneproduct it will also work equally well alongside other AI DLC ormegapacks, acting as a generic fallback for the airline livery andmodel combinations those add-ons do not contain.



  • Over 160 airlines included (more added with every update).
  • Over 1400 traffic routes for airports covered (more added with every update).
  • No impact on the frame rate.
  • Zero learning curve, install and forget, all settings are done via the standard simulator user interface.
  • Fully transparent to other DLC. Compatible with all airports.
  • Designed to work in AI ONLINE and AI OFFLINE mode.
  • Fantastic value for money.


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