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Aerosoft - Sim-wings La Palma for MSFS


La Palma - the north-western of the Canary Islands now forMicrosoft Flight Simulator!

The highly detailed sim-wings scenery offers you the La PalmaAirport (GCLA), which has been recreated using its own custom aerialphoto and is realistically represented through elaborate retouchingand color correction.


Terraforming allows the airport to be naturally integrated into thestandard elevation model, which in turn ensures a seamless transitioninto the default simulator landscape. The runway also comes with areal elevation profile (sloped) to give you the most realisticexperience possible.

Enjoy the very special approach to the airport located right nextto the Atlantic Ocean that charms with its uniquely beautiful mood atnight or dusk – now even more atmospheric thanks to the realisticnight time dynamic lighting!



  • Highly detailed scenery of La Palma Airport, Canaries Islands
  • Terraforming to blend airport into default elevation model
  • Runway with real elevation profile (sloped)
  • Custom aerial photo for the airport, elaborate retouching and color-correction for a true display
  • Seamless transition to the default simulator landscape
  • Intensive use of PBR Materials to build realistic surface
  • Detailed taxi, ground lines and stands according to current maps
  • Animated jetways at two parking positions
  • Many animated objects, like wind turbines, weather station and windsocks
  • Weather and time related humans and parasols at and around the terminal
  • Many static apron vehicles
  • Realistic night time dynamic lighting


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