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Aerosoft Previews Berlin Brandenburg Airport MSFS


New WIP pictures of the Aerosoft Airport Berlin Brandenburg forMicrosoft Flight Simulator! As you can see, we are now able to use newtechniques that allow using high detail elevation data: You will evenfeel drainage slopes when taxiing! Apart from that, you can also seethe taxiway illumination based on the brand new MSFS airport lightingsystem.




Berlin Brandenburg Airport is an international airport inSchA_nefeld, just south of the German capital Berlin in the state ofBrandenburg. Named after former West Berlin mayor and West Germanchancellor Willy Brandt, it is located 18 kilometres (11 mi)south-east of the city centre and serves as a base for easyJet,Eurowings and Ryanair. It mostly features flights to Europeanmetropolitan and leisure destinations as well as a number ofintercontinental services.

Aerosoft - Additional Previews Of Berlin Brandenburg For MSFS
Aerosoft - Airport Bonaire for MSFS 2020

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