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Aerosoft - FlyThreePeaks - Airport Mehamn - MSFS


Mehamn. 880 meters of Norwegian coastal ruggedness. Tucked away within atiny fjord you'll find Continental Europe's northernmost airport. Set off ona flight under the captivating midnight sun during summer. On a crisp winterday, shoot an approach at lunchtime, while it's as dark as night. Enjoy theunique Arctic landscape as you explore the nearby fjords. Take a quick trip(7 nm) northwest to see the northernmost point in all of continental Europe!Or are you up for the challenge to cross the Barents Sea and fly the wholeway to Svalbard? Godspeed.

Mehamn Airport (ENMH, MEH) is a regional airport serving the villages ofMehamn, Kjøllefjord and Gamvik. The airport features an 880x30 meter (2,890ft) asphalt runway (17/35) and is served by Widerøe connecting the communityto Berlevåg, Hammerfest, Vadsø, Båtsfjord and Honningsvåg.




  • Custom, highly detailed models for all airport buildings
  • Tower and terminal interior
  • Custom taxiway lights, runway lights, approach lights and markings
  • Reworked terrain and vegetation
  • Custom ground textures, including grooved runway
  • Entire city reworked and populated with assets and lights
  • Lighthouse with revolving light beam
  • Red obstacle lights on surrounding mountain tops
  • Custom snow fences
  • Custom breakwater
  • Graveyard and church on approach
  • PBR textures



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