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Aerosoft Announces World Of Aircraft


Have you heard of World of Aircraft already? Thestandalone flight simulator series offers an easy introduction into PCbased flight simulation and will soon be available on Steam and in theAerosoft Shop.

Each version of World of Aircraft will cover a specific area offlying. Part 1 of the series "World of Aircraft: GliderSimulator" is all about gliders.

WoA: Glider Simulator is set around a small airfield on the bordersof the Rhine river in Germany (the Herrenteich Flugplatz was used asinspiration). This airfield is a typical small airfield. Very calm inwinter but on fine summer days it is very active. From early morningflights to other airfields (Google '$100 hamburger' and you get someidea) to BBQs in the late evening. It is a place where you makefriends and meet friends. Flying is a hobby for the people there.The covered area around the airport is 25,000 km2 and includes theriver Rhine (no, you are NOT allowed to buzz the ships), a majorbridge (again no, not fly under it) a few small towns and villages andone larger town, Speyer, that has its own airport you can use. It isalso the location of the Technik Museum that has some amazing aircrafton display. You will see them when you fly around. Makes the approachto the Airfield Speyer Ludwigshafen rather special.


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