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Aerosoft - Airport Wasserkuppe for MSFS


The Wasserkuppe is known to pilots as the "cradle of gliding" andis located in the Hessian district of Fulda. The airfield of the samename together with the region is one of the historical hotspots inaviation.

For the Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Wasserkuppe was implementedwith the latest technologies to apply the best possible simulationfeeling. Most exciting is the difficult approach and landing on thesloped runway on the highest mountain of the Röhn. Of course,important landmarks are also shown. This version includes importantPOIs, such as the Radome, which dates back to the times of the ColdWar and is now a listed building/object.


  • Custom buildings covering the airfield and the surrounding area
  • Custom orthophoto covering the airport and surrounding
  • Seasonal animations for various objects
  • Radome and Fliegerdenkmal POI included
  • Realistic runway slope profile
  • Custom static aircrafts depending on weather and season
  • Gliders flying in the vicinity (if weather permits)

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