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Aerosoft - Airport Komodo for MSFS


Aerosoft Komodo Labuan Bajo Airport, located in the north-westernpart of the Indonesian island Flores, was created utilising the latesttechnologies of the Microsoft Flight Simulator platform. It includes ahighly detailed airport with its modern terminal facilities and asurrounding autogen-style scenery for custom local-style buildings. Itis just a short hop away from the islands of Bali and Lombok, twoother popular holiday destinations in Indonesia.

The airport has undergone several transformations during the pastyears, including the all-new modern terminal facilities and a newsouthern taxiway. The location and the approach offer a very scenicand beautiful setting hard to find in most other places of theworld.

Komodo is a growing tourist destination with new hotels and resortspopping up constantly. It is probably most famous for being thenatural habitat of the world's largest lizard: the Komodo dragon.


  • Detailed airport area and buildings based on an aerial image from mid-2019
  • Detailed ground pavements/markings
  • High-resolution PBR materials and textures
  • Dynamic night-lighting
  • Custom local-style surrounding buildings
  • Animated passengers in the terminal
  • Optimized for performance

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