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Aerosoft - Airport Greater Moncton for MSFS


With their latest expansion Stairport Sceneries have createdanother beautiful airport scenery for the Microsoft FlightSimulator. This scenery depicts an extremely detailed recreation ofGreater Moncton Roméo LeBlanc International Airport located 4 mileseast northeast of downtown Moncton. Moncton is one of the three majorurban centers in the Canadian province of New Brunswick.


The scenery features a highly detailed recreation of the airportwith a custom colored orthophoto and seasonal textures. Custom taxiwaysignage as well as custom approach and taxiway lights provides thefinal touch.

Thanks to additional PBR textures for the ground and objects pluscustom animations for the jetways, there is nothing left to interfacewith the realistic simulation flight experience. Additionally, thereare also special winter animations like engine covers on the staticaircraft and taxi light flag markers.



  • Detailed recreation of the real Greater Moncton Airport
  • 4K PBR textures for objects and ground
  • Custom approach and taxi lights and signs
  • Custom static aircraft reflecting common real-world traffic
  • Custom colored orthophoto
  • Animated custom jetways
  • Special winter animations like engine covers on static aircrafts and taxi light flag markers




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