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Aerosoft - Airport Bonaire for MSFS 2020


Bonaire is a small island in the southern Caribbean and is apopular holiday destination among surfers and divers, thanks to itsclear water and magnificent coral reefs. First colonized by theSpanish in 1636, it was occupied by the Netherlands which it stillbelongs to today.

Exactly 300 years later, the first airport was built by theDutch. It served as a hub for American forces in the Second World War,which it was too small for, though. Therefore, a new airport wasconstructed - "Flamingo Airport" was born. Today, this airportoperates several short-haul flights across the Caribbean, and servesas a stopover for the Dutch KLM on long-haul flights.


This scenery offers a highly detailed recreation of FlamingoInternational Airport (BON / TNCB) near the city of Kralendijk onBonaire.

Based on thousands of on-site images, highly detailed & true tooriginal building models and high-resolution textures werecreated. Realistic and dynamic night lighting, custom taxiway signageand passenger animations bring the airport to a virtual life.



  • Highly detailed and realistic recreation of Flamingo International Airport (TNCB)
  • Detailed recreation of Bonaire International Airport (TNCB)
  • Highly detailed and accurate models and textures based on thousands of on-site images
  • Custom orthographic images covering the airport and close vicinity
  • Realistic dynamic night lighting
  • Interior model included for airport terminal
  • Ambient passenger animations bring the airport to life
  • Various other ambient animations, such as flags
  • Custom windsock model
  • Custom taxiway signage to match its real-world counterpart
  • Also included is Bonaire's old control tower (Select any date before 2018)



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