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Aeroplane Heaven Video Showcases Spitfire Mk1A MSFS


A new video and exciting news on the Spitfire Mk1A.

Recently, we were contacted by IntoTheBlue video productions with arequest to make a preview video of the Spitfire Mk1A.

Naturally, we agreed and we have here, a link to the video. Now,this is not a review as the video was made earlier in the developmentwith more features and changes to come. However, what it is is adelightful romp through the Lake District in England and we especiallyliked the airfield beat-up at the end and of course, the very best ofElgar to accompany the pictures.

The exciting news is about our collaboration with Authentikit whohave designed a set of unique simulator controls especially for theMk1A Spitfire. These kits are amazingly well-designed and are a verycost-effective way of getting a bespoke set of replica Spitfire flightcontrols for a very small outlay. The video shows you how to go aboutgetting a kit, how to assemble the components and next steps.

The Authentikit controls are well-worth checking out.

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AuthentiKit Spitfire MkIX Throttle Quadrant Released

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