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Aeroplane Heaven Spitfire Mk1A v1.4 Released


Spitfire Mk1A Service Upgrade V1.4 is now available.

We have released the first Service Upgrade for the Spitfire. It isquite comprehensive and take the form of a complete package. Soexisting customers will need to re-download the package. New customerswill receive the same updated package anyway.


Here's the changelog:

This Service Upgrade addresses a number of issues, bugs and improvements.

Exterior Model

  • True castoring tailwheel added with new ground-handling code.
  • Revised livery textures for more authenticity

Interior Model

  • Improved textures and extra detail in some areas.
  • Revised coding for Alternator Switch
  • Engine Oil and Coolant temperature gauges re-coded to give more accurate function.
  • 10,000 ft. needle added to Altimeter
  • Gyro compass and knob improved for better function
  • Pedal action reversed
  • KiGass primer re-animated ( start position IN).
  • Fuel Pressure cock and primer sequence re-coded.
  • Light leak on panel shroud eliminated.
  • Gear indicator lights switch now functional on throttle quadrant.

Flight Model

  • Improved engine performance envelope
  • Adjustments made to ground handling to counter SU5 and WU6 changes in sim.


  • "gap" in engine startup sequence removed.
  • Also, we have included a further livery. This one is in plain aluminium to show off the lines of this beautiful aeroplane. The legend printed on the side of the fuselage needs no explanation.



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