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Aeroplane Heaven Shows Progress On Spitfire Mk1A



It is with enormous pleasure that we can now publish progress onthe Mk1A Spitfire for Microsoft Flight Simulator. These are undoctoredscreen shots from flight testing the exterior model in thesimulator. Once we have the dynamics under control, we will be movingon to the fully functional cockpit.



The Supermarine Spitfire is a British single-seat fighter aircraftthat was used by the Royal Air Force and other Allied countriesbefore, during, and after World War II. Many variants of the Spitfirewere built, using several wing configurations, and it was produced ingreater numbers than any other British aircraft. It was also the onlyBritish fighter produced continuously throughout the war. The Spitfirecontinues to be popular among enthusiasts; nearly 60 remain airworthy,and many more are static exhibits in aviation museums throughout theworld.


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