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Aeroplane Heaven Releases Tecnam P2010 For P3D


Close in performance to the Cessna 182 "Skylane", the P2010 is atrue sports aircraft with a cruising speed close to 140 knots. Thatperformance comes from the four-cylinder, Lycoming 180 HP IO-360engine. There is also an option to have a more powerful IO-390-C3B6providing 215 hp @ 2,700 rpm, coupled with a 3-bladed MTvariable-pitch propeller. Naturally, we have opted for the morepowerful powerplant.

Our simulation faithfully reproduces the luxury sportscar feel ofthe P2010. Latest PBR material techniques mean we can deliverhyper-realistic materials and textures inside including soft leatherseating, grained plastic moulding, polished metals and glossyplastics. Realistic carpeting and aerated roof lining complete thepicture. Outside you will find the advanced composite material of thefuselage faithfully reproduced. The all-metal wings and tailplanesetc. have the correct flush-rivetted look with "pressure-puffs" acrossthe surfaces. Every nut, bolt and wire has been accurately modelledand you will find a complete, highly detailed Lycoming engine underthe lift up nose panel.

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