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Aeroplane Heaven Hotfix For MSFS Spitfire Mk1A v1.5


Spitfire Mk1a V1.5 HotFix: A HotFix is now available which resolvesthe issue of a CTD under certain conditions, since the release of SU6of the simulator.

The HotFix takes the form of a single file ONLY - the aircraft.cfg

If you already own the Spitfire and are up to date with ServiceUpgrade V1.5, you can download the file from our web site. Or, if youprefer, you can download the whole package from your usualvendor. Repeat: If you own SU V1.5, you ONLY need this singlefile.

Just drop it into your existing folder and allow it to overwrite.

Aeroplane Heaven Announces Spitfire Mk1A Service Upgrade 1.5

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