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Aeroplane Heaven Explains PBR And Ctrl/Ezy


So Why PBR?

PBR (Physical-Based-Rendering) workflow when used in fight simcreates such a difference in everything including small details. Havea look at this in-game screen shot of part of the instrument panel ofthe Sabreliner. You'll see we have rendered the dimensional quality ofthe gauge faces and needles, etc. The numbers are recessed and the dialpaint has depth and texture.

When you put all this together with the larger items, theexperience in the cockpit becomes far more realistic andImmersive. You'll find this type of material and texturing in all ourproducts from now on including the Ctrl/Ezy short cockpits.

About Ctrl/Ezy

Ctrl/Ezy has been designed to suit a particular type of simflyer. There is a vast amount of people who fly mostly in exteriorview, taking screenshots of the model and all that expensive scenerythey have bought. All these people want and need is a basic panel withthe basic information on, a set of switches to turn on and off all thebasic systems and start the engine. Also, they rely heavily onkeyboard input so that they can stay in the exterior view. Ctrl/Ezy isNOT for those that like systems, following the flight proceduresexactly, spending a lot of time in the cockpit when flying. We havethe regular AH line for that. We understand it is a bit confusing butas more Ctrl/Ezy products are released, we hope that people will beginto understand the concept and just decide whether it is for them ornot. We ALWAYS ensure that people know EXACTLY what they are buyingbefore pushing the button so PLEASE READ the descriptions on Ctrl/Ezyproducts before hitting the buy now button. That way there will be nosurprises. By the way, the other major benefit of Ctrl/Ezy is that youget the same standard of modeling and PBR texturing you get in ourstandard line, at a much lower cost. That can't be bad can it?


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