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Aeroplane Heaven DC-3 Service Upgrade P3D V4.5 and V5.2


We have released another upgrade for the DC-3 for P3D v4.5 up to v5.2

This upgrade contains remapped models and new textures to improvethe appearance in P3DV5.2.

As part of the upgrade, we have included 8 new textures which wereto form Livery Pack 1 but we have decided to release them FREE. Ratherthan downloading a separate livery pack we have incorporated theliveries into the new upgrade package.



  • Aeroplane Heaven Douglas DC-3 Service Upgrade for P3DV4.5 and P3DV5.2
  • Further modifications to the texture mapping for improved appearance in V5.2.

As a result of these modifications we can now release a free livery pack.

Livery Pack 1

  • Air France
  • Air Anglia
  • Buffalo Airways
  • Aironaves (Mexico)
  • Air Queensland
  • Ansett ANA
  • TAA Classic (early polished alloy)
  • Swissair (original livery on natural alloy)
  • Swissair restored (high polished alloy)

ALL these additional liveries are now included in the complete package.



We understand that the developers of the F1 GTN suite will nolonger be developing for P3D. They are also no longer supporting thepackage.

This means that if you own the F1 GTN suite and use it in the DC-3,it will not function in V5+ You can continue to use it in V4.5.

Therefore, we have removed reference to this package from thepanels in V5.2 as there may be issues with crashing and freezing, dueto incompatibility. The RealityXP range of products remains availableand will function well with the DC-3 in V4.5 or V5+ and it is notdifficult to transition to these, using the basic panel.cfg entriesfrom V4.5, copied and pasted to the panel.cfg of the V5+ version ofthe DC-3.

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