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Aeroplane Heaven C-47/DC3 Upgrade V2


We announce a further upgrade to our popular C-47/DC3 packages forP3DV4.5 and V5.

The upgrade consists of several model improvements includingadjustments to the gear geometry and other small fixes.

Also, some texture improvements to existing liveries and theaddition of four new liveries - KLM, British United Airways, AerLingus and Buffalo Airways.


A new model variant has been added. This is the "ViewMaster"variant, especially popular in Australia. The ViewMaster had two pairsof side windows replaced by "panorama" windows with associated facingseats to take in wide expansive views of the world outside. Based onthe American DC3 fuselage, the passenger door was repositioned to theleft side to match the standard British layout.

Additional improvements have also been made to the system code tocorrect some lighting errors.

To take advantage of the complete upgrade package, it will benecessary to re-download the entire pack from your chosen vendor.


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