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Aer Lingus Virtual Opens New Web Site


Aer Lingus Virtual vEIN has had a very successful period oflate. The staff team has increased substantially and the pilot rosteris growing daily. The web site has had an overhaul to modernize itand give it a clean feel. A lot of new features have been included togive our members all the information needed to have a successfulvirtual career with vEIN.

The VA also released a new logo which can be seenhere.

The VA has also commenced tours which give our pilots somethingdifferent to do and with our new auto awards system they get rewardedonce a tour has been completed. The first tour was a circuit ofAustralia which proved very popular starting and finishing inSydney.

As for the future training material is being currently worked on byour training department and our events and marketing department alsohave a few nice ideas that will be announced soon. The introduction ofclassic routes will also be introduced in the near future. A brightfuture lies ahead and we will celebrate our 4th Birthday on June the1st in style.

We do currently have a vacancy for a Tech Director on our board soif anyone is interested please emailhr@virtualei.net

That's about it for now, so if you fancy flying for Aer Lingusvirtual please visit us atwww.virtualei.netwhere you would be more than welcome.

Alan Cooke
vEIN Owner

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