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Adventum Simulations - Adventum Tours: Hawaii MSFS Released


Aloha and welcome to Hawaii!

Adventum Simulations is proud to present our first product forMicrosoft Flight Simulator, Adventum Tours: Hawaii, for PC.

Explore the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands as you take to the skiesas a tour pilot to fly tourists around each of the beautiful islandsof Hawaii. Amazing coastlines, rugged canyons, white sandy beaches,and the world's largest volcano await for you to discover why you flyaround this beautiful island paradise.

The product includes 48 different activities with unlimitedreplayability.


  • Authentic Tour Guide Experience
  • 24 – Adventum Tours: Hawaii Tour Missions
  • 4 – Adventum Discovery Flights
  • 20 – Adventum Landing Challenges
  • Adventum Tours: Hawaii 208B Grand Caravan Livery
  • Detailed Nav Logs
  • Live Weather
  • Airport Charts


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