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A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition v1.40 Released


A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition v1.40 and In-SimToolbar

We're pleased to announce the immediate release of A Guide toFlight Simulator: Extended Edition version 1.40.

This brand new version of the guide includes everything you'll needto know about Sim Update 7 and the new Reno Air Races DLC.

Changelog v1.40

  • NEW - Reno Air Racing
  • NEW - Sim Update 7 Info
  • NEW - New Airport Info (GOTY Edition)
  • NEW - New Aircraft Info (GOTY Edition)
  • NEW - Additional Flight Training Info (GOTY Edition)
  • UPDATE - Photogrammetry City list updated
  • FIXES - Numerous spelling errors and other suggestions

About SoFly - A Guide To Flight Simulator Extended Edition

Continue your learning with A Guide to Flight Simulator: ExtendedEdition as you develop your skills using the knowledge you'll gainthrough our info-loaded guide. You’ll have access to hundreds of pagespacked full of expertly produced tutorials and advanced information onhow to get the most out of your simulator.

A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition builds upon theoriginal release of the guide meaning owners of this new product willalso have access to its predecessor. With a promise of regular updatesto this new extended edition, you can trust that you’ll be getting themost up to date information just as we delivered with the firstrelease.

In addition to our expert tips and tricks, expect to find brand-newtutorials covering a wide variety of aircraft all designed to beeasy-to-follow. Take flight with our educational tools and have theconfidence to fly everything from amphibious aircraft to fastjetliners all around the world. Our step-by-step lessons will provideyou with plenty of support so that you can spend more time flying inyour new flight simulator and familiarising yourself with eachaircraft.

Beyond the tutorials, A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Editionwill provide you with detailed information on the growing number ofadd-ons available. Our ‘Spotlight’ series will highlight the top pickswhich will take your simulator to the next level. If you’re lookingfor inspiration for your next flight, our newly added ‘Discover’section will showcase stunning locations around the world along withdetailed information so you can impress your friends if you decide toplay tour guide when flying online.

A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition is the perfect travelcompanion for anyone using the new flight simulator.


  • 398-pages of stunning content designed to help newcomers and experienced simmers alike.
  • Includes all information from the first release plus:
  • Several tutorials to boost knowledge and experience
  • Regular free updates
  • Step-by-step tutorials for you to learn about the aircraft and how they handle
  • Tutorial flight for the Icon A5
  • Tutorial flight for the Top Rudder Solo 103
  • Introduction to ‘Spotlight’ to introduce simmers to add-ons to enhance your simulation experience
  • Tips and tricks to get the most out of your simulator
  • A walkthrough on how to create a flight plan with live traffic
  • Detailed information on how to install the developer SDK
  • Introduction to ‘Discovery’ to introduce simmers to interesting and fun locations around the world
  • Plus loads more

Upgrade Pricing Summary

Upgrade price for FlightSim.Com Store customers who own "A Guide toFlight Sumulator": $12.00.

If you purchased the original Sofly - A Guide to Flight Simulatorat the FlightSim.Com Store you should see the discount automaticallyapplied when you purchase the extended edition.

A Note From SoFly

Thank you for your interest in A Guide to Flight Simulator:Extended Edition!

When we released A Guide to Flight Simulator last August, it wasour intention to provide simmers the fundamentals on how to use thenew simulator. We knew that a large number of people would join thecommunity and that at first things would appear overwhelming. Ourguide was a huge success and loved by many who appreciated the cleardesign, easy-to-read text and the constant updates provided free ofcharge.

Our initial release comprised over 120 pages, but now, A Guide toFlight Simulator is over 280 pages. To continue on that, our ExtendedEdition will continue to provide simmers fresh monthly updates, newtutorials and even more to build on their knowledge and learning.

We listened to feedback from our customers who wanted moretutorials for both default and third-party aircraft and are in theprocess of writing even more for future virtual pilots.

A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition will continue toevolve just as the simulator will over time. As we continue to getfeedback, we’ll update the product and extend the initial content,supporting newcomers and experienced simmers alike.

Thank you again and we hope you enjoy A Guide to Flight Simulator:Extended Edition. Should you have any feedback, questions or queries,please reach out!

Purchase SoFly - A Guide to Flight Simulator - Extended Edition for MSFS 2020

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