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29Palms Previews Mykonos Scenery v2 For MSFS


Hey, today we have some fresh previews of Mykonos v2 for you! Aspromised the update will be made available free of charge, depictingthe current state of the airport. Including the new terminal, firestation and more!




Another big question after Orbx's release of Skiathos is: What areour plans for Skiathos? Unfortunately, it does not make economicalsense to release a second rendition if there already is a decentproduct available. So our Skiathos will not come to MSFS, instead wewill focus on making Contrail the go-to platform for all simulatorsand further airport projects. Beside Mykonos (LGMK) we are activelyworking on Nuremberg (EDDN) in collaboration with LimeSim andCaptain7, followed by Twentynine Palms Airport (KTNP) and brand newprojects.

Mykonos Airport is the international airport of the Greek island ofMykonos, located 4 km from the town of Mykonos. It serves flights todomestic and European metropolitan destinations due to the islandbeing a popular leisure destination.


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