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Welcome aviaworx To The FlightSim.Com Store


We would like to welcome a new developer to the FlightSim.Com Store.aviaworx makes apps for flight simulation, that allow you toremotely monitor and control FSX and Prepar3D using a server on yourPC and a handheld device.

The aviaServer itself is available as afree demo versionso you can test if your device will work. Once you are satisfied, youcan then purchase a license which, in the case of aviaCDU andaviaOverhead will allow you to make all the inputs, from pre-flight tolanding. You’ll no longer need to use your mouse / keyboard, makingyour simming experience more realistic.

Assuming the server works, licenses are avaiable individually or inbundles to unlock a variety of functions:


aviaCDU for P3D and FSX runs in your device’s browser and allowsyou to connect your favourite mobile device to your Flight Simulatorto display and control an aircraft’s FMC in a variety of popularairliners from PMDG, Aerosoft, QualityWings, TFDi Design, MajesticSoftware and more. Additionally, you can connect your tablet or phoneto the Aerosoft CRJ’s DAVE in-flight tablet.


aviaEFB for P3D and FSX runs in your device’s browser and lets youconnect your favourite mobile device to your Flight Simulator todisplay and control an aircraft’s electronic flight bag (EFB). Thecurrent version allows you to interact with the EFBs in Aerosoft CRJProfessional, Maddog MD 82, PMDG 747-8 Queen of the Skies II and theQualityWings 787.


aviaOverhead for P3D and FSX lets you display, interact with andcontrol PMDG’s 737, 747 and 777 jetliners. It is available as astand-alone application that runs on a computer in your network or awebapp.


aviaFlightMonitor monitors your approaches and gives you directfeedback on how well you did. aviaFlightMonitor will monitor andanalyse many of the flight parameters that airlines use in theirFlight Data Monitoring (FDM) and Flight Operations Quality Assurance(FOQA) programs. These programs are used to gain operational insightinto how well flight crews are performing and flying approaches. It’sa key element of safe airline operations.

For further details on each individual product and the variousbundles available, please visit aviaworx at the FlightSim.Com Store:

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