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Ultimate Ground Crew X Update v1.7


Ultimate Ground Crew X from FS2Crew has been updated to version1.7! To celebrate V1.7, we're offering a special sale: 50 percent offfor 1 month!

This is a huge update that includes, among other things, supportfor the NGX-U.

What's more, numerous brand new V1.7 training videos are availableon the UGCX Video Page at YouTube:


Important: version 1.7 is an required update. UGCX will notfunction without it. UGCX will notify you that an update isavailable.

V1.7 Change Log

  • Edit computer generated and existing custom pushback routes
  • Assign English names to computer generated and custom pushback routes
  • Top-down view (map view) of custom locations in the simulation
  • Preview computer generated or custom pushback routes directly in the simulation
  • Push-To-Talk key assignment for communications with ground crew when using Voice Control
  • Bypass removal animations on 3rd party aircraft now occur exactly when the ramp agent's animation ends
  • Tug now stops pushback exactly at the pushback route's last waypoint location
  • Support for parallel lanes pushback at complex airports
  • New option to display only pushback route names in the menus rather than entire phrase. For example, "We are ready for pushback and engine start, tail southwest" can now be shown simply as "Tail southwest"
  • Modify existing pushback route nodes locations by just performing a simple drag-n-drop
  • Speech recognition engine can recognize custom pushback route names using voice commands
  • New voice commands for engine startup during pushback
  • Support for the PMDG B737 NGXu
  • Added a minimize button to the airport chart viewer's window.
  • Ability to modify aircraft's final nose heading with the mouse wheel on the airport map window
  • External cameras attached to the ground crew (Prepar3D only)
  • Calibrate the bypass pin's agent location per aircraft's profile
  • Create and edit custom pushback routes directly in the simulation
  • Fixed overshooting during pushback with large aircraft such as the Boeing 747, 777, etc.
  • Custom key assignments to decouple glider and carrier simulation operations from UGCX events
  • New available voice callouts during pushback: “ARE WE CLEAR TO START ENGINE (1 / 2 / 3 / 4)â€
  • New Aircraft Profile option to suppress Hard/Soft Mute alert in Green Bar


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